About FFSI - Keralam

The Federation of Film Societies of India is the apex body co-ordinating the activities of Film Societies in India. The founder President of FFSI was Shri. Satyajit Ray. The present President is the well-known film critic and film historian Shri.H.N.Narahari Rao. The FFSI has 5 regional councils viz (1) Western Region (2) Northern Region (3) Eastern Region (4) Southern Region and (5) Kerala Sub Region.

The Kerala sub region (FFSI keralam) is guiding and assisting the Film Societies in Kerala, apart from its own activities.
There are now 99 Film Societies in Kerala.

Activities of FFSI – keralam.

  • Procure foreign films from Embassies and arrange screening facilities for Film Societies.
  • Provide assistance to Film Societies in day to day activities.
  • Organize film festivals, Seminars and appreciation camps.
  • Encourage production and screening of documentary and short films.
  • Distribute grant to the Film Societies based on their functioning.
  • Conducting SIGNS Festival for promoting Indian Language documentaries and Short Films.
  • John Abraham Award for best Malayalam Film (Promotion of Malayalam Cinema).
  • Form New Film Societies.
  • Conducting Open Forum in the festivals.
  • Publication of the Journal Drishyathalam.
  • Award for the best Film Society in Kerala for every year.
  • Assisting and guiding regional festivals organized by Film Societies.

Assistance from the Government.

The Govt of Kerala in the budget for the year 2010-11 have ear marked an amount of 25lakhs for regional festivals and another 25lakhs towards grant to the Film Societies. The FFSI was authorized to distribute the grant to societies.

The Video Library of FFSI keralam has a good number of films including classics and documentaries. The Film Societies in keralam are availing this facility for their screening.